Thursday, 17 April 2014

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Image taken by Jane Ewen April 2014

My world is full of many things, and the absolute importance
placed on words, feelings and thoughts, cannot be emphasised enough... Happy
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Jane Ewen.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

My Dear Little Janie-kins...

Beautiful Image used with the permission of Clare Colette Smith.

Imagine if we were pre-programmed and able to write a letter to our much younger self... Mine would go something like this...  Please bear in mind the way I’ve written it, is given that I already know so much about what’s played out in this life... However I would want to direct most of my wisdom, sensitivity and love to the small, defenceless, lovable child...

Dearest darling Jane ...
you are such a wonderful little girl. It’s terribly important you recognise that in life some of the adults around you are unfortunately damaged... Sadly my darling girl, they don’t know how to treat a beautiful soul and they definitely don’t have any people skills... It's such a crying shame, that at the beginning of your life you're going to be surrounded by individuals who struggle to interact and neither do they know how to communicate. It will be because of them that you and your siblings will unfortunately suffer... Now I know all of that must sound a little scary, but I more than anyone  appreciate that you knowing all this extra information, will help you to be less anxious when all the bad things happen. You need to understand it’s NOT your fault and remember that these unfortunate individuals, sadly lack in even the basic principles of parenting. They don't know how to be child friendly and most of the time they will be totally inappropriate... exposing you to so much stuff, things that no child should see... But take note Janie, its imperative you read every single word, understand every sentence and share it with your siblings. I write in the hope that it spares all of you the incredible hurt and loneliness that will isolate you, causing untold distress. The suffering that you’ll feel when you’re finally abandoned will not last. I want you to close your eyes tight and remember, in the end they will have done you a great big favour. When it does happen, it will be the making of you. You my darling will blossom and flourish beyond your wildest dreams.  
I hope you’ll be able to use this message, and develop a beautiful, shiny shell that will completely protect you when the going gets tough... Keep remembering how wonderful, caring, loving and extraordinary you are. Hold all of that very close and when you’re being beaten and abused, remember my lovely, close those beautiful eyes, go to your special place and know that the person responsible is sick. It’s not your fault...  The good thing is you’ll come through it all and vecause of who you are, you'll will be alright.

One day gorgeous girl the world will be brighter and you will be the princess that no one told you about. You'll live in a nice home, own clean clothes and take a bubble bath. But my darling, your unfortunate early life will always be led by ‘strangers’ however some of those strangers will be rather special and from each one of them, you will get an essence of the beauty in their characters... now listen Jane, that doesn’t happen for everyone. No, when you're a big girl, the special bits you’ll get, will help make you who you are and the big thing here darling, is the bits you do get, are very special because you get to choose. Keep in mind though Janie, even nasty people have an element of niceness hiding within their character... You don’t know it yet but sweetheart, you’re going to be so lucky because you’ll get to choose all of those best bits for yourself. 
I’m going to leave you with my love and the one thing I’d like to do more than anything my lovely little munchkin, is gather you up, look deep into your eyes, connect and then hug you like you’ve never been hugged before... just to show you there is a world full of love waiting and one day you will hold it all... now don’t forget... you’re a beautiful girl and wonderful things are going to happen! One more thing, I will always be close and even when you don’t see me, you will super sense me and you'll never feel alone.  
I love you little lady.
Especially yours,
Jane xxxx

Saturday, 15 March 2014

An Affinity...

Image from Free Pics on Google.

A small collection of words to highlight my thoughts today:
All my life I’ve possessed an amazing affinity with the human-race... no matter what’s been thrown my way, I’ve never lost my love for humanity. Yes I know there are bad-apples, but hell, we can’t paint everyone with the same drippy brush... Remember; just as there are bad-apples, there are many more good ones... I'll always challenge wrong doing, or stick up for the under-dog, and if you’re my friend then rest assured that I’ll be loyal till the end.. Unless of course you decide to end it yourself, and then I may, or may not understand, but I would always respect your decision... although I’d question it!  For as long as I can recall I’ve always had an insatiable need to understand, but unfortunately I’ve met a few people who have not been able to shine light on their inconsistent thoughts and actions... I feel sorry for these individuals, because to be unable to discuss feelings, thoughts, and ideas, must be a real lonely deal. 

Those of you who know me, understand I like to share how I feel, how I see things and right now I’m feeling this... I’ve recently had a civilised rant on facebook, and then discussed findings with some lovely peeps... I feel truly blessed to have many gorgeous people in my life, and I will never get tired of telling them... We’re lucky to have each other, and although sad things can often happen, it doesn’t mean we cannot get up and move forward. I think the only time I’ll stop, is when I’ve moved on to my beautiful island in paradise, and even then I’ll continue to strive towards keeping others in mind... It's simple, we just have to take care of each other. I know  to some that might seem crazy, but to me it makes the best sense in the whole wide world. 
Thoughts are where it starts; actions are what make it happen, so if you look to another who is without a smile, then give them one of yours, it’s a great start...   

~Jane Ewen~ 

Sunday, 9 March 2014

FREE to good home...

Image from Facebook

When you read this article Please #Share in as many places as you can... We have no choice; we simply have to Raise Awareness for these poor defenceless animals...  

I write this with a heavy heart and a deep, penetrating sadness which hits me every time I hear about another dog being taken, or another little dog that goes missing, because part of me questions, is that little one now being used as a ‘BAIT DOG’ or is he genuinely lost and if he’s lost, how long before he is picked up by a disgusting excuse for a human being... I have quickly written this article to Highlight and hopefully make as many people as I can aware of this despicable pass-time. This is not just a problem that affects dog-owners... this issue belongs to all of us, and we have to consciously protect animals always.
And if you believe this and don’t question it then please after reading this restructure your way of thinking, because unfortunately there are many things happening in this world, and all I can say is my heart breaks on this particular issue... BAIT DOG:  A Dog Baiter is a despicable individual who gets FREE dogs (anyway they can) and uses them for either his own animal to rip up for fun, or to be used as BAIT in dog fighting.  

In this day and age we have to be especially mindful, and although OUR intention might be good in trying to locate a warm and loving home for pets, the word ‘FREE’ is one of the most dangerous words to use in view of what’s happening out there...
Please be careful when giving your pet away for FREE, because there are many more alternatives where you can be assured your pet will be safe. Do all you possibly can to assure that your pet is going to a good and loving home.  Also if you know anything and you’re in a position to alert the police, then do so in a safe way... do not challenge these disgusting individuals, keep yourself protected and remember, it cost nothing to make a phone call and you just never know the impact your call may bring about. A little dog like the one at the top of this page could very well be taken out of his world of living-hell...  

Together all of us can help look after, and protect other living-beings more vulnerable...
Many thanks for reading. 

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Ageless Souls...

Image used with the kind permission of it's owners.
A Taster from a piece written for another project:  Ageless Souls...
(A long delicate forefinger, firmly presses against soft lips)
“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”...  She breathes ....

Her eyes flicker, the deepest, darkest blue...
When I touch you softly you’ll feel my beating heart and those strong, drift-like sensations I always sense... will as if by magic, make you feel as if you’re standing high up on a wild, tangled moor, being whipped by swirling mist, and as it penetrates the core of your ageless soul, then my darling man, your soul will recognise truth, your heart will open just wide enough to accept timeless love, including some long ago forgotten message. Your divine lesson will be that you’ll understand beautifully, the whole truth of who you are, who I am, and where you know you want to be...
Gazing upwards, he smells the scent of her perfume as it fills his nostrils; he wants her... he is dazzled and sees this truth she speaks, he knows she is someone he will never meet again, so he needs to be honest, open and show her his true heart.  Watching intently, she withdraws her forefinger from full delicious lips, this is a woman that history will never repeat in his lifetime...  He senses strongly a Déjà vu moment... he knows her, and as he looks deeper into her pools of darkness, he knows he is well and truly captured when those beautiful, long fingers reach out and touch his skin...

©2014 Jane Ewen

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Eden Raven 1849...

Image 'Charles W Morgan 'ship from Wikipedia
A Taster...  

His thoughts dream and drift towards many possibilities. His love for her has no end, but he knows beyond the stars and back, she is many things with many faces... Right now this beautiful woman has produced a tangled labyrinth in his tortured mind. The plot thickens as he senses trouble lurking closer. Now more than ever he knows it's time he steps toward encouraging her to see that his warm heart is genuine and real... Why is this so complicated, why do things have to turn? His observations prove this woman holds her secrets close, inexplicably he knows he's the one to help, the one to be there, hold her close when it all becomes clear... He also knows in this life what you see isn’t always what you get...

There is just one pressing problem, they have yet to meet!

Dense fog swirls dream-like around the largest ship, which lies securely docked against the towns harbour wall.  Frost sparkles from every visible flat surface, and in the slowest of motion, tiny waves hit the ship, making rhythmic thumping sounds from small pieces of ice which bang alongside its beautiful, dark aged wood. This magnificent ship has managed for the longest time, to keep all who have sailed in her, safe. 

Leaning against cold metal of the lamp-post, Drake smiles, he lights yet another cigarette and then puffs acrid grey smoke upwards, towards the bright light of the moon.  He recalls how his mother had time and time again told him the story of his name; she’d wanted to call him ‘Drake’ after Francis Drake, who had sailed around the world in the 1500s. Oh how he smiled when he thought of how her face would crinkle with happiness, at the very thought of her own boy sailing away on his own adventures, taking in the sights and sounds of the world and then bringing them back to share. His mother wanted treasures and stories from the most interesting people, but most of all she wanted to hear about the warmest places.

In his faraway state he jerks as he hears the clip-clop of a maiden’s foot-fall.  
Darting towards the darkness of a nearby door-way, he huddles within. 

Drake’s heart beats faster than a trapped moth whose wings bang savagely against glass in its effort to escape.   

Why is she here again he thought?

The silhouette of a woman glides effortlessly past, stopping briefly she glances round, and then she gently stretches out pale slender fingers, which tightly grip the ships thick rope, she is relieved that there’s no one there. Breathing out, she gingerly embarks upon the ships rickety platform. The bustle her silk dress irritates her, and as she stops again to ensure that she has definitely not been followed, she quietly moves on.   
Drake emerges from the darkness, still cautious just in case she looks back.

Stealthily he creeps along the side of the ship, knowing he just has to follow; he wants to find out what is going on. Nearing the top of the ships platform, he hears voices.
Pressing himself against the creaking wood he holds on to his breath...

“How much?” she cries
“I’ve told you time and time again” he growls.

“Dear sir I cannot afford such an extortionate price; she whimpers, I need you to take me before it’s too late”.
“Get off of my ship this instant and do not come back”

“Please sir I beg of you, I need to go as soon as possible... you are my one and only hope”

“I want 20 pounds and if you can’t afford that, then you need to leave” he smirks.

The young women fights back tears; she would not let this cruel man see her cry.
“I am at your mercy sir... please”

“Get OUT” he screeches... roughly pushing past her he rips open the cabin door and points a bony finger into the darkness.
Back on the platform she hears the cabin door slam shut. Her heart broken, what will she do? The captain is leaving in a few days, and she just didn’t have that kind of money, she was more than willing to pay her fare, she was even prepared to work on board, but dear lord he was not agreeable for that to happen.

Leaning against dark, damp wood, she wipes her eyes; she would figure something out... he was not leaving this harbour without her; she would make sure of that. Holding on to the rope, she makes her way down the platform. Already she has a plan formulating, but it would take some thought... she needed more time.
Once again he moves out from inside the shadows, Drake watches as she disembarks and without looking back she hurries along damp cobbles towards her reluctant destination.  Shaking his head, he makes his way home, but not before following Eden, he must make sure she gets home safely. 

(©) Jane Ewen  2014


Monday, 30 December 2013

To Delete Or Not...

I’m here, I’m back...

And I'm hoping you will be happy to hear... that I bring a much greater curiosity, because I feel more than ready to commence on what could be deemed a shiny, brand new path of creation... There are 807 words in this post. And as I write... I purposefully compose with all of you in mind, and as I inscribe, I feel each and every word to the point of deep emotion, because as always I have to consciously write first and foremost with my heart, I feel this is the only way to transcribe to you, a real sense of me...

Sadly I’ve deleted my beloved page on Facebook; majestically I had called it ‘Messages That Touch One's Soul’. For whatever reason, I’ve always had a real sense of being responsible for the giving, saving and signposting of messages... It’s never seemed to matter what the message is, as long as I felt it was for a higher good, and then I would give it even if it was at the expense of me. Fortunately I feel I have always possessed an overwhelming need to save, savour and give, in whatever way I could...  However I suppose the underlying question for me right now is this:

Is the end for my page really here? 

I hope so... because where-ever that page is, along with its words and images, I stand tall, firmly stamping my foot and raise my fist to indicate ... I am, and will always be the one true owner of that page with all its written-icons. It was created by me, who at different times had the inclination along with the mind-set, as well as varied emotions to create thoughts, words, and deeds. I spent many hours working on my lovely page, sooooo... one might think it would be my choice, my right to choose its end, to destroy and rip up those thoughts, to relinquish created ideas and quite rightly to decide they never existed ... I’m able to state that it took quite a while, but sadly I felt I had no choice other than elect to delete my page, why? Because once I found out the bare truth the magic of its location well and truly left me...

My intention is to move to a place where I know words, thoughts and ideas will remain my own. Due to facebook and its current status and policies, I’ve concluded, I no longer want my creations to remain on a networking site where I don’t hold any trust... I’m not saying I won’t be eternally grateful for connections made... I have met some wonderful people who I know I’d never have even sensed had I not belonged to a network which might hold five gold stars for reaching out. I have especially loved discovering connections and the fact that networking sites allow us to hook up, staying in touch if we want... But essentially, I don’t want my creativity to remain in the hands of others who choose to hold on to data as they gather (for whatever reason) information to store. I’ve been advised that apparently this happens whether one deletes or not... It may have been the labyrinth of my own mind which quite innocently shared ideas, tasters, thoughts... but the truth is, once out in the open, once shared with the site, it was  no longer truly mine... Unknowingly I had given permission, signed away my own heartfelt recognition of my own words for another to use in whatever way they wish...  The more I thought, the more I realised, deleting my page was the only sensible thing to do. It was such a hard decision and as you may see, it’s had quite a hard impact on me... Dramatically I liken it to ripping your heart up and standing on it. Some may understand, others won’t but thankfully we all have the mechanics of our own mind, body and soul. The beauty of the human race, which I always try to promote is our beautiful differences...   

After giving it even more thought, I know it’s meant to be because now is the time to move onwards, upwards. Hopefully the extra time away from my deleted, much missed page of messages, will direct me towards more writing, in terms of ensuring the ‘WiSh’ I made at Christmas will come true... I wished for more time to write... nothing dramatic, nothing too demanding, nothing that will cost more financially... just more delicious time to press the fading keys of my old lap-top, as I endeavour to make magic and wistfully touch a soul or two... I have a saying in my world...

Come close, stay near cos without you it would all be pointless.

©2013 Jane Ewen